I think I saw you in my sleep, darling.


I think I saw you in my sleep, darling.

What’s going on?

No, Orange is the New Black does not deserve an emmy based on it’s importance to women’s presence in media and television, the same way that 12 Years A Slave did not deserve the Oscar for its historical significance. Sure, they are important pieces. I loved 12 Years a Slave and and Orange Is The New Black is liked by all my friends. 

But these awards are made to acknowledge leaps in filmmaking and television as their own pieces, regardless of the issues they undertake. It’s about how they do it, not what they set out to do. 

As a filmmaker, I feel like there are so many shows that would deserve a place within the Emmy’s, like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and True Detective, which all push the boundaries of cinematic television in cinematography, storytelling, actors’ performance. Sure, they don’t take up women’s rights or slavery, but that shouldn’t deter them from the recognition they deserve. 

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